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Z-007 Tornador Mini

Z-007 Tornador Mini

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TORNADOR® Mini Features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact & Powerful 
  • Tornador proven technology 
  • Portable enough to fit in a pocket 
  • Speeds up detailing time


    Introducing the Tornador® Z-007 Mini. The Z-007 is a compact, yet powerful tool that works with your air compressor to blow debris and moisture out of hard-to-reach areas. The strong, tornado-like funnel of air blasts out dirt and dust quickly and easily. Proven Tornador® technology in the palm of your hand.

    During and after use, place nozzle into a bucket of soapy water, depress trigger once or twice to remove dirt buildup in cone. This will help to prevent premature wear.

    "90 day limited manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing & part defects."
    Warranty will be voided, if it is used for anything other than the intended use of the TORNADOR® tool.

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