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Rupes LK900E Mille Single Tool

Rupes LK900E Mille Single Tool

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Bigfoot Mille Dual Action Polisher

The Bigfoot LK900E gear driven dual action polisher from Rupes helps professional detailers and prosumers alike get the best results possible. Lightweight and powerful, clockwise rotational movement in a tight 5 mm orbit (3/16") makes it the best available option for powerful defect removal. Smart ergonomic design, progressive trigger, and electronic speed control module all help with control to produce the perfect outcome!


  • Balanced Design provides for silent operation, minimum vibration, and an ergonomic grip that provides operator comfort and better control over long projects.
  • Electronic Speed Control Module located in the handle is practical and easy for use, allowing the speed of the polisher to be adjusted while in use, avoiding interruption in the polishing operation.
  • On/Off Switch Lock allows the polisher to be locked on so the operator can move both hands freely to optimal gripping positions while the tool is operating.
  • 9 Meter (29.5') Electrical Cord eliminates chaining of extension cords while saving time and steps by allowing the operator to move freely around the project.
  • 5 mm (3/16") Orbit


  • 6" backing plate
  • 900W operation
  • RPM Range of 265-535 RPM
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