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Malco Blueberry Paste Wax

Malco Blueberry Paste Wax

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Malco Nano Care Blueberry Paste Wax - Creates High Gloss Finish and Long-Lasting Shine / Premium Paste Wax for Use on Fiberglass, Gel Coat and Painted Vehicle Finishes.

  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY POLISHING AGENTS AND WAXES: Made with pure carnauba and nano waxes to provide enhanced surface protection, durability and gloss.
  • PROVIDES BRILLIANT SHINE: Easy to use paste wax keeps the vehicle surface slick for a freshly waxed feel. Wax is abrasive-free and creates superior beading.
  • SPECIAL NON-SWIRL AGENTS: Especially effective on dark or bright colored vehicles.
  • LONG-LASTING PROTECTION: Provides up to 12 months of protection.
  • VERSATILE: Use on marine, RV, motorcycle and automotive finishes, including fiberglass and non-porous, painted surfaces. It also can be applied to furniture, appliances and other painted surfaces.


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