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Rupes BigFoot iBrid Nano Polisher Long Neck DLX Kit

Rupes BigFoot iBrid Nano Polisher Long Neck DLX Kit

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The RUPES BigFoot iBrid Nano allows you to switch between a standard corded polisher and cordless operation, powered by robust, quick-charging lithium-ion batteries. Each battery provides thirty minutes of power and yet recharges in just twenty minutes - so you never run out of power! The BigFoot iBrid Nano also features interchangeable heads, giving you the option to select a rotary action, or a Random Orbital action with either a 3mm or 12mm throw.

Includes** (1)HR81ML long neck Nano polisher, (1)9.Z923/BF Premium tool case with foam insert, (1)9HP120LT AC-DC adapter, (2)9HB120LT rechargable Li-Ion battery pack, (1)9HC120LT battery charger, (6)9.BF40H coarse foam pads, (6)9.BF40M fine foam pads, (4)9.BF70H coarse foam pads, (4)9.BF70M fine foam pads, (1)9.BFZEPHIR150 150ml coarse compound, (1)9.BFKERAMIK150 150ml fine compund, (1)562.390 rotary functional unit, (1)581.390/C 3mm orbit funcitional unit, (1)58.390/C 12mm orbit functional unit, (1)995.001 30mm/1.25in velcro backing plate, (1)996.001 50mm/2in velcro backing plate, (1)997.001 30mm/1.25in vinyl backing pad, (1)9.BF3000 horsehair brush, (1)9.BF3030 nylon brush, (10)9.45520 35mm P2000 sanding disc, (10)9.45530 35mm P3000 sanding disc, (4) 9.BF9010 microfiber towels.

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