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CarBrite White Lightning

CarBrite White Lightning

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A medium duty, etching wheel cleaner formulated to clean and brighten chrome, clear coated, and mag wheels.  Also safe for use on plastic wheel covers.   DO NOT USE on:  PVD, polished uncoated aluminum or anodized wheels.

For more information on PVD wheels.


How to use

  1. Use product undiluted, or dilute 1:1.
  2. For best results, wet wheel and surrounding areas to cool surfaces before applying product.
  3. Spray product directly on wheel and let dwell for 30 seconds.
  4. Agitate product on wheel with spoke brush, if necessary.
  5. Thoroughly pressure rinse wheel and surrounding surfaces.
  6. When cleaning tire, also apply alkaline cleaner to wheel to neutralize any traces of acid remaining on wheel.
    • Do not allow product to dry on surface
    • Wear protective glasses and gloves when using product
    • Frequent applications may damage certain wheels