Create a more professional look for your car wash both indoors and out. The most recognized name in the car care industry, Simoniz-branded merchandise captures customer attention and creates instant trust.

Windmaster Signs

Advertise your Simoniz car wash products and services with eye-catching signs that can withstand even gale-force winds.

Electric Tunnel Signs

Bright backlit signs create a fun experience while letting your customer know they’re receiving the treatment they paid for.

Express Detail Signs

An attractive way to showcase your express detailing services, these wind-resistant signs will make your customers long for that new-car clean.


Turn heads and capture customer trust with these supersized vinyl banners advertising your Simoniz car wash products and services.

Vintage Windmaster Signs

Create nostalgia indoors and out with these vintage wind-resistant signs highlighting favorite Simoniz ads from the past century.

Drum Covers, Traffic Cones, Pennants

Upgrade your car wash with Simoniz-branded soap drum covers, safety traffic cones, and eye-catching pennants.

Custom Dealer Signs

Customized laminated price menus prominently feature your logo while showcasing your car wash’s products and services.