Car Wash Products

We offer a complete line of products designed specifically for conveyorized and inbay automatic car washes. Our long-lasting, high-quality products outshine the competition.


A complete line of both high and low pH pre-soaks that effectively cut through stubborn road film and make the wash process a breeze.

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Body Shampoos

High-foaming soaps that deliver clean and shiny results for every car wash application. Colored and scented options create customer excitement.

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Hand Wash Detergents

A favorite of auto dealers and detail shops, this safe, non-corrosive soap can be used in automatic conveyor and hand wash applications.

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Wheel Cleaners

High-performance cleaning options for every type of wheel and rim. Safely remove brake dust, road film, and other oily dirt.

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Polishes & Conditioners

Enhance shine and maximize customer satisfaction with visually appealing foam polishes. Vibrant colors and bold fragrances put on a great show.

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Ensure a spotless finish with our scented, super beading sealants. A full line of versatile options are available for all types of car washes.

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Premium Sealants & Glass Treatment

Provide long-lasting protection to vehicle surfaces with these premium sealants, and treat windshield glass for better vision and safer driving.

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Drying Agents

Breakthrough drying agents that provide excellent water break and beading for super dry and shiny vehicles. Products for all types of car washes available.

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Tire Dressings

Restore tires and wheel wells with Simoniz water- and solvent-based tire dressings that provide a long-lasting high gloss.

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Specialty Products

Everything else you need for a perfect vehicle finish, including glass cleaners, degreasers, bug removal, rust inhibitors, and fragrances. Simoniz also supplies tunnel and equipment cleaners, laundry detergents, and an easy-to-use proportioning system.

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